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Bio-Hazardous Cleans

And Trauma Clean Services

Trauma Clean-Up

Our trauma cleaning service covers many varieties of emergency cleaning needs, from stabbings, murders, accidents

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Void Properties & Squats

Our team will return void properties to a safe, ready t be restored to a useable environment again.

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Infectious Disease Outbreak

Our team can sterilise an environment where an outbreak has occurred, or to ensure it is a sterile before as at risk individual returns home.

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Crime Scene Clean-Up

Our team are specialised in removing all hazards left after a crime has occurred. This includes but not limited to removal of sharps, cleaning of bodily fluids or any other hazardous waste.

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Bodily Fluids Clean-Ups

We are trained to clean up and sterilise any area where bodily fluids have been split, such as urine, vomit, blood or faeces.

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Sewage & Flooding Clean-Up

Our team are trained in all aspects of the clean. This could be the removal of standing water, sterilisation of the area or use of dehumidifiers to dry out remaining structures.

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Fire & Soot Damaged Property

Our team are able to help restore a property after a fire. This include cleaning away the residual soot and applying a sealant paint to stop marks appearing on subsequent coats of paint.

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Mental Health Crisis Cleaning

Our team are specialised in these situations, both in the compassion required while working with individuals in such situations as well a the issues associated with these types of cleans.

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Needle Sweeps & Drug Den

Our team have been trained to methodically and meticulously search search for and safely remove any drug paraphernalia which may be present within a property.

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Unattended Death Cleans

As with Trauma and Bodily Fluid Cleans, our team are able to tackle all challenges faced during these types of cleans.

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Mould Clean & Seal Service

The team are highly experienced in treating mould within properties. Not only tackling the current outbreak, but also applying preventative measures and giving advice on how to reduce the chance of recurrence of the mould.

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Building Decontamination

Our team can sterilise an environment where an outbreak has occurred, or to ensure it is a sterile before as at risk individual returns home.

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Safety First

Our qualified cleaning team ensure that the necessary care and safety is at the forefront of every job they carry out. We take this approach to protect ourselves as well as the other parties who may be working in and around the same location. 

We empathise with the challenges posed by traumatic incidents, crime scenes, or hazardous materials, which can be emotionally overwhelming. Our aim is to relieve you of this burden through our discreet and thorough cleaning services. We prioritise the safety and peace of mind of our clients, their loved ones, and the local community by delivering prompt and expert assistance around the clock, 24/7.

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"Fantastic service, very friendly and explained in detail what needed to be done. Will be using again for other HMO’s we have in and around Norwich"



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