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Mould Clean and
Seal Service

Specialist Mould Removal

Our specially trained cleaners, will have multiple roles while at the property.

Firstly they will use a specialist cleaning solution which is designed to ‘kill’ the mould spores, they will then apply a sealant that will create a barrier to stop the mould regrowing. Secondly they will find the cause of the mould, and advise the owner both in person and in the report, what is required to alter the conditions, and prevent any further mould forming.

No. Typically, if you wipe mould down, it will aggressively spore into your airspace as a defence mechanism. Wiping mould down, even with bleach, will actually make the problem worse by increasing the volume of mould spores in your airspace.

Should I be concerned that I have Mould?

Yes. Mould is a category 1 risk to health, the same category as Asbestos, according to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). It is known to cause a wide range of health problems including respiratory problems, the exasperation of autoimmune diseases, a weakened immune system and brain fog or insomnia.

The health risks associated with household mould are arguably understated and misunderstood by the general public in the UK. The fungi produce allergens, which can cause allergic reactions in some people. Inhaling or touching some mould spores may cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes or rash. Exposure to mould can cause irritation to eyes, skin, nose, throat and lungs.

Georgia, Customer

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“Fee and her colleague came to deep clean all the limescale and mould from my bathroom. She was really friendly and professional and the communication was great. I think the price was really reasonable too! I would definitely recommend her and will be using her company again if I need anything in the future”



Our Working Process

Our qualified cleaning team ensure that the necessary care and safety is at the forefront of every job they carry out. We take this approach to protect ourselves as well as the other parties who may be working in and around the same location. 

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Tell Us What You Need

We provide a complete package, not just the clean. The service is completely bespoke to your needs. We go the extra mile for our clients.


Site Visit & Checks

One of our team may be required to complete an initial site visit. We can also arrange entry with a locksmith in certain circumstances.


We Get to Work

Once on site, our cleaning professionals are discreet and will deal with your emergency with dignity and respect. 

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